Four Effective Ways to Update your Garage Door

As a home-owner, when was you last give attention to your garage door? Perhaps, most of the people forget about their garage door. If your garage door is in poor shape and clash with the style of your home, it means you need to update it or replace it. Replacing or updating the garage door can increase the curb appeal of your house. Look no further, garage door repair in Toronto help you to update your old door. Here are some important tips.


1. Paint the Door: Have you a little dull and faded garage door? You don’t need to worry about it. Even that you don’t need to hire a professional to paint it. You can paint it on your own. For updating of garage door, make sure the weather is dry and also have sunny days. You can start this process early morning before the sun rise. First of all, peeling the old paint and clean the door. You can use a garden hose or pressure water to wash the door. After this, dry it with clean cloth. A brush is a main tool but you can choose roller for the fast processing.

2. Add Windows: Garage door windows can add value to your house. A broken or cracked window is a clear sign for thieves and burglars that the home-owner is careless. It also send bad a message to everyone driving by. If you think about to replace your old garage door, just buy a new garage door with window. It give the home added personality and also an easy way to check who is outside.

3. Reface it: Refacing means, you can cover your existing garage door easily and cost effectively with low maintenance. With refacing you can give an authentic look to your door. It does not matter that which material garage door you have. Whether it is wooden, steel, aluminium, new door and old door, you can refacing it very easily. Through this, you cover faded and worn door completely and provide a new look to your door.

4. Replace it: If you are not interested to reface the door, you can replace it with new one. Before replace it, consider one thing that the garage doors have approximately thirty years of lifespan. If your garage door is near to this age, then you can invest in new one. New garage door comes with various latest model and every model has different features.

By following these tips, you can easily update your garage door without spend more money. There are many of other ways to update garage door on your own. To more about it, you can talk with  Hall Garage Doors Contractors Toronto.


Some Common Garage Door Myths that You Should Avoid

When you go to purchase a new garage door for your home, generally you spend lot of time to ask many questions to dealer regarding before buy a new garage door. It is good but don’t waste your time on few common misconceptions that you listened from third person. In this article Hall Garage Doors in Toronto discuss these few common myths about garage door and provide the information that you need to make right decision.


1. All the Garage Doors are Same: Just like your other house hold belongings, garage doors are available in various variety. You can buy cheap and expensive, both type of garage doors as per your choice. But you can not expect a good performance and long life from cheap garage door. If you want the greatest performance and years to come door, just go with high quality door. Remember garage door sizes are available in variety of sizes. It is depending on you which one you choose for your house.

2. All the Garage Doors are Noisy: It is not always true. It depends on your garage door, how it works and how you maintain it. Generally, the doors make some weird noise due to some problem. You need to suspect your door to find the reason of this noise. So, you can’t say that every garage door is noisy. First check your door and then say anything.

3. All Garage Door Should Never need Repair or Maintenance: It is totally wrong. To keep your garage door years to long, you need to pay attention on the maintenance of it. As you know, it is one of the largest moving part of your house. So, that’s why your garage door requires regular inspection and maintenance.

4. Don’t need Garage Door Opener: This may be makes everyone laugh. You can’t imagine a garage door without opener. An opener help to open the door automatically. Just think you came late from work and get out of your car to open garage door manually. How you feel on that time? On that time, you have only one thing in your mind, ‘i wish that i have an opener to operate my door automatically’.

5. You can fix any Torsion Part of the Door: May be you can do little replacement work on your own. But when it come about garage door, definitely you need a professional to repair it or replace any part of it. Mostly garage doors are heavy to weight, you can not handle it and fix any problem alone.

If you are one of them who believe in these given myths, just remove them from your mind. If you have any question or query regarding garage door myths and you want to know what’s true and false with garage doors, you can contact to Hall Garage Doors in Toronto.