Maintaining the Garage Door in the Summer

Summer season means warm weather and long days. During this season, every homeowner like to engage in home improvement. Because you have more time for handiwork in summer days. As spring is the best time for gardening, summer is good to take care of your house and garage door problems. When you make a list of home improvements, give a first priority to your garage door.

Torsion spring, broken cable, damaged panels and misaligned sensor are some common problems of garage door. Maintaining your garage door is a very important task to extend its lifespan and increase reliability. Some do it yourself tasks are easy to handle, but for the major problems you need a certified technician. You can contact a garage door repair contractor in Toronto to inspect the door.

Below are some essential tips. Follow them to keep your garage door functioning properly from this summer season to the next.

Maintaining-the-Garage-Door-150x1501. Visually inspect Hardware: A single garage door contains so many hardware such as hinges, shaft, bearings, steel rollers and others. Look for them very carefully and if found any bent or loose hardware, tighten it with a wrench or proper tool. If you have ten years old garage door, make sure it works properly. Means it has all the hardware and all of them are on their position and work properly.

2. Wash the Door: To remove all the dirt and stains of grease, wash the garage door with lukewarm water and mild household detergent. Once you have washed the door, it removes the dust from the track. Don’t forget about windows. These are also part of your door. Wash them also.

3. Clean and lubricate Hardware: Lubricate hardware is one of the easiest tasks to operate the door smoothly. Take a clean rag and remove grease and debris from the track. After cleaning, lubricate all the moving parts including track, hinges, bearings and rollers. If you have plastic idler bearings and nylon rollers, don’t lubricate them.

4. Remove Rust from the Door: If you have a steel garage door, look for the sign of rust. Use sand to remove rust from the door. After removing it, you can paint your door and give a new look to it. Never use poor quality paint, for the steel garage door, always use exterior latex paint.

5. Testing Your Garage Door: Testing your garage door is one of the simplest tasks that you can do any time over the year. Open and close the door at least two or three times to ensure that it is in proper working condition. If you hear any strange noise while you open and close it, call a professional to inspect the problem.

Here you have some simple ways to tune up your garage door in summer season. If you adopt these tips, you can provide a new look to your door. If you need a garage door repair service in Toronto and surrounding areas, we, Hall Garage Doors, are ready to respond you.


The Importance of Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

The garage door is the most important and the largest part of your house. Some people try to save their few dollars by ignoring the garage door repair and maintenance. Are you one of them? If your answer is yes, you push your home security in a big risk. If you think your garage door is in good working condition and it can survive without any maintenance, it is your misunderstanding.

Injury or accident can happen any time with the unrepaired overhead door. Repairing the door time to time is should be your top priority, especially if you have single entrance. A single overhead door consists so many parts and all the parts need to be repair over time. Having an annually garage door maintenance and repair can help you to save your hard earned money.

Let’s have a look on given steps that show you the importance of garage door repair in Toronto.

1. Safety and Security: When it comes to your own and your family member’s security, garage door is the first thing to consider. A proper repair or maintenance enhances the security of your house and garage. An unrepaired door poses a major security and safety risk. With a regular inspection, you can ensure that your door is updated with all the safety and security features.

2. Increase the Life of the Door: As you know an overhead door is built with various parts and each part is perform its own job. If any one of them fails, it affects all the other parts. E.g. if you have torsion or broken spring, it affects the balance of your door. Due to this, other parts might be consequently spoilt.

3. Mitigate the Chances of an Accident: Due to broken spring, you might be faced with any accident and injury. Sometimes, minor injury leads to major accident or even you lose someone’s life.


4. Save Your Money: It is possible that you can avoid some major repairs and replacements by some simple maintenance tips including lubrication and cleaning. A regular maintenance allows you to prevent the huge cost of repair and replacement and it also mitigates the chances of damaging.

5. Avoid Inconvenience: Getting stuck with the overhead door in the mid night or early morning before going to the office is a large inconvenience. The situation gets embarrassing and frustrating. Due to this disturbance, you need to spend a huge amount of money on garage door repair service. Timely check up and repair can prevent this annoyance.

The garage door is a heavy and large mechanism part of your house. It can be broken down easily, if you fail to maintain it properly. If you have a large mechanical door in your house and looking for the maintenance service, make a call to us. Our contractors will assist you.