4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Garage doors with different varieties have come up to explore the Canadian market. An ordinary person finds it quite confusing to select which garage door will work better for his need. The size of doors are on a rapid increase from recent times. As the size of four wheelers and cars is expanding, so is the size of garage door.

Garage doors comes in variety of shapes, designs, sizes and materials. Insulated garages are serving many purposes along with car parking such as gym, playroom, workshop or a store room.

Therefore, before buying a new garage door we need to consider things listed below:

1. Price – The most significant aspect before buying a garage door is considering its price. It varies depending on the material and size. Timber doors are costly than steel or aluminium doors.

Don’t opt for cheap garage doors as they are made of cheap items and may not be safe or will ask for constant repairs. The qualities that hike the price of door are insulation, finishing, sizes. If you can’t buy a high price quality door then, go with an affordable one.

2. Material – Materials used in garage doors are steel, timber, aluminium and GRP. Timber doors are highly varied because of timber species and degree of finishing. Steel garage doors are the strongest doors and can be supplied with double skins with strength and insulation properties.

Aluminium is used for insulated double skin roller and for specialized sectional doors. GRP is costly material for door mechanism used extensively due to great strength it possess. Timber garage doors need constant maintenance to rectify its beauty. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have any desire to maintain timber doors, then you should opt for steel or aluminium doors.

3. Operating Mechanism – Many people select a garage door based on design and size and forget to consider its operating mechanisms. Operating mechanism depends on space inside and outside of your garage. Buy a roller door if you have less space near to entrance area of your garage. If your garage has low ceiling, side-hinged doors will be the best option for you. If you want an electric door opener, then go for a branded and good quality opener and hire a specialist company for an electric opener installation.

4. Maintenance – Most of the modern garage doors don’t require huge maintenance. Timber doors if treated properly before installation provides you with protection that requires only cleaning and dusting. GRP garage doors are maintenance free and just needs regular cleaning. High quality steel garage doors if painted and galvanized survive longer. Regular oiling and cleaning can help in easy moving of door parts causing less friction and corrosion.


Garage door comes in various sizes and it is complex to decide which one to buy. These were few things which help you in selecting the best garage door. Hall Garage Door is a garage door repair and installation provider in Toronto. If you are looking to install a door, our team can help you in providing the best solutions.


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