What to Look for When Inspecting A Garage Door

Garage doors are considered as hard workers who work for many years without asking for major repairs. But, as a home-owner it’s necessary to offer them frequent maintenance measures to ensure that they perform their routine job more smoothly. Various door components warn its owners before actually dying, through many clues such as noise and friction.

Overhead door inspection is necessary to notice such clues before time, so as to avoid replacements by offering required repairs. Inspection also helps in avoiding potential dangers as one can take suitable action on time. Many people prefer hiring a garage door professional Toronto to perform routine inspection as they are afraid to handling a door by themselves.

Things to focus on during an inspection process are:

1. The Door Isn’t Able to Close Fully
A misaligned door tracks or tensioned spring can force a door to bend. It should be fully closed for home and garage safety. If it doesn’t close properly and there are any imperfections, its obvious that any of the component isn’t working as desired. First of all, clean the door tracks and corners so as to ensure that any obstacle that might be hindering the closing mechanism is removed away.

Next, clean the sensor eyes as sensitive things or even dirt can reduce its functionality due to photo eye effect. If the problem still persists, inspect the cables to find any cracks or damage. If they are found damaged, call a technician to replace them. But if you aren’t able to find the exact cause, leave it on overhead door repair experts.

2. Its Making Strange Sounds
A noisy garage door is in great need of lubrication and maintenance. The most common cause of noise is reduced friction that can compel the door elements to degrade. Another cause of this issue can be a loose hardware. Make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened. Lubricate all the necessary door components using WD-40 lubricant, so as to minimize noise and enhance the door operating mechanism.

3. The Door Is Slow or Tough to Open
If a garage door is hard to open and is also operating slowly, you definitely need to call a garage door professional service Toronto to look into the matter. The most possible cause for this problem is damaged overhead door springs. To offer a DIY inspection, disconnect the door opener and pull the cables attached to the pulley, so that it can be opened manually. Lift the door half way up, and leave it there only. If the springs are working well, the door will remain at the same place where you left it. But, if it comes falling down, get the springs replaced to avoid any major incident.


These were the few things which must be inspected to ensure that a door is working properly. Some of these tasks doesn’t require trained professional, while serious ones such as door springs should be replaced or repaired by an expert door technician. Hall Garage Doors is a reputed company that offers affordable and high quality overhead door repair, replacement and installation services in Toronto.


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