Top Garage Door Ideas for Sprucing Up a Home

A garage door offers safety and security to a garage and a vehicle. Not only this, it greatly effects a home’s curb appeal, especially when it’s facing towards a street. In Toronto, a beautiful garage door can turn out to be a focal point. To organize home look’s, an overhead door plays a significant role. A little of maintenance can help it become more attractive and impressive.

Tips for sprucing up a door are:

vvcxFake Wood Appearance: Wooden garage doors are quite expensive to install, but offers magnificent looks. A great option for those who want to spruce their home in budget is, choosing a wood appearance over any material. This can be achieved by painting fiberglass on doors, so that they look like wood. This fake timber overhead door can save you with money, along with a status glimpse. Its recommended to use a weatherproof product that can stand through heat, cold and rain.

Remove Window Inserts: Garage door window inserts often crack and fade with time, as plastic tends to become brittle during extreme cold and hot weathers. It is a replaceable component and its good to replace it, whenever you notice any cracks. To avoid any such problem, remove the inserts during bad weather or whenever not needed. Though the windows are attached using simple screws, a new insert may not fit that easily. You may need a wooden block and hammer to get the corners fixed into the window frame.

Add DIY Windows: A traditional overhead door can easily be enhanced by adding attractive windows. It is a do-it-yourself technique that simply needs a black gloss spray paint, carriage door hardware and painter’s tape. To start with, take the top row of the door and surround it’s each square with painters’ tape. Make a cross of tape in the middle of square. Then, paint it using spray and as the paint dries up, remove the tape. The square will now look like a window. For more impressive view, add the carriage door hardware under and side of the row.

Install a New Garage Door: A residential overhead door is considered a one time investment, as its quite expensive to buy and install. If you don’t have a door for your garage yet, consult Hall Garage Doors, to get a quality one installed. An old security shutter can degrade a home’s appeal. Therefore, it advised to get it replaced with a new automatic door for more safety and additional features. In case, it just looks old but operates well, then getting it painted can help a lot.

These were the few tips that can help in sprucing up a garage as well as home appeal. Toronto garage door repair offers a wide range of installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial overhead doors in Toronto.


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