4 Tricks To Prevent Overhead Door Break-Ins

Modern garage doors are quite secure due to advanced features and durable material. If the overhead door you installed is more than five years old, it may be lacking various essential features. There is great need to secure it to avoid break-ins and burglaries. If a damaged garage door is attached to a home, one is risking the protection of his vehicle and family.

Intruders can easily get access to a property through an insecure or damaged door. Most of the home-owners think that they don’t need any sort of overhead door break-in security, but this is truly wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry. Whether you are living in a secure society, safe garage door installation in Toronto is always a necessity.

Few effective tips to prevent garage door break-Ins are:

1. Never leave the door opened: The foremost thing to be avoided at every cost is forgetting to close the garage opening. No matter, you are present at home or not, don’t compromise with the safety of your property by keeping the residential garage door opened. While going out for a weekend or vacation, install a padlock on the door to enhance its security.

f22. Don’t leave a remote in the car: An easy way through which intruders can access a door, even without damaging it, is by using the garage door remote control. People are often in habit of placing the remote inside the car. In case, a burglar manages to get inside your garage, he can use the remote to open the mini door that is attached to your home. This will highly risk your family’s safety.

3. Cover the windows: An insulated garage door that have uncovered window installations will provoke the burglars to peep inside to see, if there is something worthy placed over there. In case, one has stored some valuable items in a garage, avoid the intruders to peep through by covering the windows with a curtain, blind cover or a cardboard.

4. Install an alarm system: Along with various inbuilt security locks, one can install an alarm system to frighten away the burglars. A garage door opener consists of modern features that have ability to monitor the door mechanisms and operations. Attach an alarm system with the openers and program it in a way that it should ring every time, the door is opened or closed without the use of a remote.

Most of the garage break-ins occur without the use of force, i.e through the means of unlocked or damaged overhead doors. These were the few helpful tricks that can save a garage from intruders. Hall is a leading garage door repair service toronto that offers wide range of overhead door installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services at affordable prices.


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