4 Easy Tips To Winterize Your Overhead Door

With the advent of winters, cold air is prone to enter inside the garage. Extreme weather conditions can degrade its insulation and energy efficiency. Winters can greatly effect the performance of a door. To cope up with all these issues, its advised to go for seasonal garage door maintenance in Toronto.

An overhead door is a primary defence line between a home and natural elements. A properly sealed and durable door can help in keeping snow and rain away from a home and garage. Getting prepared for the coming season can help in saving costly repairs and replacements. A bad garage door can risk damage to a vehicle and other stored items. Winter proofing a garage opening can help in up keeping various features such as safety, security, energy efficiency and maintenance.


Few ways to protect a garage door from winters are:

1. Get it insulated: All modern garage doors come with inbuilt insulation features. If the one you installed isn’t insulated, get it remodelled from a door technician. Adding windows can help in letting the in-out of air. No matter, you renovated it last year, the insulation feature is surely to get deteriorated till now. Get it insulated soon to enjoy the winter benefits.

2. Lubricate the moving parts: This is something that needs to be done every season and every month. To enhance the performance of the door, lubricate all its moving parts and hardware elements. This will help in extending the life of a door system. Moreover, the issues for unusual noises will also come to an end. Before lubricating any element, don’t forget to clean it.

3. Inspect the door tracks: Door tracks are the crucial elements on which a door slide. It is crucial to clean the tracks regularly for removing any snow or moisture droplets. Thoroughly inspect the door tracks every six months to make sure they are properly aligned and are in order. If you notice any damaged or bent tracks, call in a garage door repair professional for efficient repairs.

4. Fix or replace the weather-strip: Weather-strips play an important role in keeping the elements such as dust, rain, dried leaves etc. away from a garage. They are installed beneath the door frame and are prone to become brittle or worn with time. If cold air is seeping into the garage, the reason may be damaged weather-strips. Its advised to get them replaced before the oncoming of cold weather.

These were the few ways to make an overhead door ready for winter cope ups. Toronto garage door repair is a trusted overhead door company that offers full range of residential and commercial garage door services including installation, repair, replacement and maintenance at budget prices.


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