4 Expert Tips To Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

A garage door is a crucial home element that stores lot of important household stuff, other than your car. To ensure safety and protection of your valuables and family, its advised to secure your residential garage door. If your overhead door installation is old, damaged or in need of repairs, don’t risk your security any-more and call in Toronto garage door repair professionals for quality service.

With the advent of smart ways to operate a garage door, the thieves are becoming even much smarter. They are able to find the ways through which they can break inside a garage, without hammering the lock or making any noise. To deal with such thieves, one needs to act even much smarter to prevent the break-in risks.


Some tips to prevent burglars from entering a garage are:

1. Secure the Remote: Nothing can make it easier to operate an overhead door, other than the remote itself. A minor carelessness of placing a garage door remote anywhere can greatly risk your family’s safety. To avoid any risks of remote control entry, never leave your door remote inside the car or anywhere in the office or home.

2. Remember to Close it: Most of the home-owners are in habit of keeping the overhead door open, till they are working inside the garage. In some cases, they often forget to close the door even after leaving for office. It is very important to close the steel garage door as soon as one enters inside or comes outside. In both the above cases, a thief won’t waste even a single minute to get inside the garage to carry out a burglary.

3. Cover the Windows: Another great way to gain access inside a garage is through windows. Always make sure that the windows are grilled and bolted, so that an intruder cannot get inside. Transparent windows will no curtains will allow a burglar to have an idea about whatsoever is stored in it. Try to cover all the windows with sheets or curtains to hide the interiors from the on lookers.

4. Camera installation: An effective way to protect a garage and deter away the burglars can be reached with security camera installation. This measure can help in frightening the intruders along with providing a proof for any kind of break-in. Moreover, regular viewing of the camera recording can help in noticing any kind of mischievous activity going around your garage.

A safer garage is key to peace of mind. These were the few ways to prevent unwanted overhead door access.

Garage door repair toronto offers top-notch services regarding garage door installation, maintenance, repair or replacement at reasonable price.


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