Top Reasons To Replace Garage Door Springs

Every overhead door utilizes a spring mechanism to perform the essential door closing and opening operation. There are two types of door springs i.e. torsion and extension. Both of them plays a crucial role and works under a lot of pressure. Since the entire door weight is handled by the torsion springs, they are prone to become faulty over time. In case any of the door springs break, damage or wear out, a home-owner will no longer be able to access the residential garage doors. If your door has become faulty and is not operating at all, its advised to call garage door repair professionals  for repair service.

Some repair signs that ask for garage door spring replacement are:

Excessive Noise: If your overhead door is emitting awkward sounds, then it might be a symptom pointing towards spring snapping. In case, you are able to hear this snapping sound every time the garage door is operated, it means the torsions springs are damaged and about to break.

A stuck Door: Springs allow a door to operate throughout the year. These elements tend to damage frequently due to the excessive tension they usually experience. If your overhead door installation is not opening at all, then the reason behind it may be the faulty springs. Its better to call a technician for door inspection and spring replacement service.

Slow Response Time: A newly installed automatic door takes only a few seconds to open or close. This is the actual response time for every overhead door. In case, your garage door takes minutes to open or a comparatively longer time than it previously does, it indicates that something is going wrong with the opener or the springs. Never opt for DIY door repairs as it may turn out to be dangerous.

The Door is Bent: People who prefer sectional garage doors usually suffer this problem. With time and due to faulty springs, sectional doors are prone to bend down the track. This generally happens when a garage spring repair is ignored. To prevent costly door repairs, its better to opt for timely spring replacement service.

These are some of the reasons that point towards spring replacement service in Toronto. We offer wide range of residential and commercial garage door installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services at reasonable costs.


3 thoughts on “Top Reasons To Replace Garage Door Springs

  1. Auckland Glazier

    Hall garage door is the well-known garage repairing company in Toronto and it provides the genuine goods with warranty and offers a lot of services at a minimal cost.


  2. Sean Burgess

    Nice guide. It is very useful for everyone. I would definitely follow your tips to replace glass of door. Thanks Hall Garage Doors for sharing this information.


  3. Derek Dewitt

    I noticed the other day that my garage door keeps getting stuck when closing, so I’ve been looking for ways to fix it. I had no idea that faulty springs could be the reason for this. I’ll be sure to find a technician in the area that can safely inspect it soon.


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