Top Reasons To Replace Garage Door Springs

Every overhead door utilizes a spring mechanism to perform the essential door closing and opening operation. There are two types of door springs i.e. torsion and extension. Both of them plays a crucial role and works under a lot of pressure. Since the entire door weight is handled by the torsion springs, they are prone to become faulty over time. In case any of the door springs break, damage or wear out, a homeowner will no longer be able to access the residential garage doors. If your door has become faulty and is not operating at all, its advised to call in a garage door repair professionals  for repair service.

Some repair signs that ask for garage door spring replacement are:

Excessive Noise: If your overhead door is emitting awkward sounds, then it might be a symptom pointing towards spring snapping. In case, you are able to hear this snapping sound every time the garage door is operated, it means the torsions springs are damaged and about to break.

A stuck Door: Springs allow a door to operate throughout the year. These elements tend to damage frequently due to the excessive tension they usually experience. If your overhead door installation is not opening at all, then the reason behind it may be the faulty springs. Its better to call a technician for door inspection and spring replacement service.

Slow Response Time: A newly installed automatic door takes only a few seconds to open or close. This is the actual response time for every overhead door. In case, your garage door takes minutes to open or a comparatively longer time than it previously does, it indicates that something is going wrong with the opener or the springs. Never opt for DIY door repairs as it may turn out to be dangerous.

The Door is Bent: People who prefer sectional garage doors usually suffer this problem. With time and due to faulty springs, sectional doors are prone to bend down the track. This generally happens when a spring repair is ignored. To prevent costly door repairs, its better to opt for timely spring replacement service.

These are some of the reasons that point towards spring replacement service in Toronto. Hall Garage Doors provide garage door repair in Toronto that offers wide range of residential and commercial garage door installation, repair, replacement and maintenance services at reasonable costs.


4 Expert Tips To Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

A garage door is a crucial home element that stores lot of important household stuff, other than your car. To ensure safety and protection of your valuables and family, its advised to secure your residential garage door. If your overhead door installation is old, damaged or in need of repairs, don’t risk your security anymore and call in Toronto garage door repair professionals for quality service.

With the advent of smart ways to operate a garage door, the thieves are becoming even much smarter. They are able to find the ways through which they can break inside a garage, without hammering the lock or making any noise. To deal with such thieves, one needs to act even much smarter to prevent the break-in risks.


Some tips to prevent burglars from entering a garage are:

1. Secure the Remote: Nothing can make it easier to operate an overhead door, other than the remote itself. A minor carelessness of placing a garage door remote anywhere can greatly risk your family’s safety. To avoid any risks of remote control entry, never leave your door remote inside the car or anywhere in the office or home.

2. Remember to Close it: Most of the home-owners are in habit of keeping the overhead door open, till they are working inside the garage. In some cases, they often forget to close the door even after leaving for office. It is very important to close the steel garage door as soon as one enters inside or comes outside. In both the above cases, a thief won’t waste even a single minute to get inside the garage to carry out a burglary.

3. Cover the Windows: Another great way to gain access inside a garage is through windows. Always make sure that the windows are grilled and bolted, so that an intruder cannot get inside. Transparent windows will no curtains will allow a burglar to have an idea about whatsoever is stored in it. Try to cover all the windows with sheets or curtains to hide the interiors from the on lookers.

4. Camera installation: An effective way to protect a garage and deter away the burglars can be reached with security camera installation. This measure can help in frightening the intruders along with providing a proof for any kind of break-in. Moreover, regular viewing of the camera recording can help in noticing any kind of mischievous activity going around your garage.

A safer garage is key to peace of mind. These were the few ways to prevent unwanted overhead door access. Hall Garage Doors is a leading overhead door company in Toronto that offers top-notch services regarding garage door installation, maintenance, repair or replacement at reasonable price.

4 Easy Tips To Winterize Your Overhead Door

With the advent of winters, cold air is prone to enter inside the garage. Extreme weather conditions can degrade its insulation and energy efficiency. Winters can greatly effect the performance of a door. To cope up with all these issues, its advised to go for seasonal garage door maintenance in Toronto.

An overhead door is a primary defense line between a home and natural elements. A properly sealed and durable door can help in keeping snow and rain away from a home and garage. Getting prepared for the coming season can help in saving costly repairs and replacements. A bad garage door can risk damage to a vehicle and other stored items. Winter proofing a garage opening can help in up keeping various features such as safety, security, energy efficiency and maintenance.

Few ways to protect a garage door from winters are:

121. Get it insulated: All modern garage doors come with inbuilt insulation features. If the one you installed isn’t insulated, get it remodeled from a door technician. Adding windows can help in letting the in-out of air. No matter, you renovated it last year, the insulation feature is surely to get deteriorated till now. Get it insulated soon to enjoy the winter benefits.

2. Lubricate the moving parts: This is something that needs to be done every season and every month. To enhance the performance of the door, lubricate all its moving parts and hardware elements. This will help in extending the life of a door system. Moreover, the issues for unusual noises will also come to an end. Before lubricating any element, don’t forget to clean it.

3. Inspect the door tracks: Door tracks are the crucial elements on which a door slide. It is crucial to clean the tracks regularly for removing any snow or moisture droplets. Thoroughly inspect the door tracks every six months to make sure they are properly aligned and are in order. If you notice any damaged or bent tracks, call in a garage door repair professional for efficient repairs.

4. Fix or replace the weatherstrip: Weatherstrips play an important role in keeping the elements such as dust, rain, dried leaves etc. away from a garage. They are installed beneath the door frame and are prone to become brittle or worn with time. If cold air is seeping into the garage, the reason may be damaged weatherstrips. Its advised to get them replaced before the oncoming of cold weather.

These were the few ways to make an overhead door ready for winter cope ups. Hall Garage Doors is a trusted overhead door company that offers full range of residential and commercial garage door services including installation, repair, replacement and maintenance at budget prices.

4 Tricks To Prevent Overhead Door Break-Ins

Modern garage doors are quite secure due to advanced features and durable material. If the overhead door you installed is more than five years old, it may be lacking various essential features. There is great need to secure it to avoid break-ins and burglaries. If a damaged garage door is attached to a home, one is risking the protection of his vehicle and family.

Intruders can easily get access to a property through an insecure or damaged door. Most of the homeowners think that they don’t need any sort of overhead door break-in security, but this is truly wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry. Whether you are living in a secure society, safe garage door installation in Toronto is always a necessity.

Few effective tips to prevent garage door break-ins are:

1. Never leave the door opened: The foremost thing to be avoided at every cost is forgetting to close the garage opening. No matter, you are present at home or not, don’t compromise with the safety of your property by keeping the residential garage door opened. While going out for a weekend or vacation, install a padlock on the door to enhance its security.

f22. Don’t leave a remote in the car: An easy way through which intruders can access a door, even without damaging it, is by using the garage door remote control. People are often in habit of placing the remote inside the car. In case, a burglar manages to get inside your garage, he can use the remote to open the mini door that is attached to your home. This will highly risk your family’s safety.

3. Cover the windows: An insulated garage door that have uncovered window installations will provoke the burglars to peep inside to see, if there is something worthy placed over there. In case, one has stored some valuable items in a garage, avoid the intruders to peep through by covering the windows with a curtain, blind cover or a cardboard.

4. Install an alarm system: Along with various inbuilt security locks, one can install an alarm system to frighten away the burglars. A garage door opener consists of modern features that have ability to monitor the door mechanisms and operations. Attach an alarm system with the openers and program it in a way that it should ring every time, the door is opened or closed without the use of a remote.

Most of the garage break-ins occur without the use of force, i.e through the means of unlocked or damaged overhead doors. These were the few helpful tricks that can save a garage from intruders. Hall Garage Doors is a leading garage door agency in Toronto that offers wide range of overhead door installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services at affordable prices.

What to Look for When Inspecting A Garage Door

Garage doors are considered as hard workers who work for many years without asking for major repairs. But, as a home-owner it’s necessary to offer them frequent maintenance measures to ensure that they perform their routine job more smoothly. Various door components warn its owners before actually dying, through many clues such as noise and friction.

Overhead door inspection is necessary to notice such clues before time, so as to avoid replacements by offering required repairs. Inspection also helps in avoiding potential dangers as one can take suitable action on time. Many people prefer hiring a garage door professional Toronto to perform routine inspection as they are afraid to handling a door by themselves.

Things to focus on during an inspection process are:

1. The Door Isn’t Able to Close Fully
A misaligned door tracks or tensioned spring can force a door to bend. It should be fully closed for home and garage safety. If it doesn’t close properly and there are any imperfections, its obvious that any of the component isn’t working as desired. First of all, clean the door tracks and corners so as to ensure that any obstacle that might be hindering the closing mechanism is removed away.

Next, clean the sensor eyes as sensitive things or even dirt can reduce its functionality due to photo eye effect. If the problem still persists, inspect the cables to find any cracks or damage. If they are found damaged, call a technician to replace them. But if you aren’t able to find the exact cause, leave it on overhead door repair experts.

2. Its Making Strange Sounds
A noisy garage door is in great need of lubrication and maintenance. The most common cause of noise is reduced friction that can compel the door elements to degrade. Another cause of this issue can be a loose hardware. Make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tightened. Lubricate all the necessary door components using WD-40 lubricant, so as to minimize noise and enhance the door operating mechanism.

3. The Door Is Slow or Tough to Open
If a garage door is hard to open and is also operating slowly, you definitely need to call a garage door professional service Toronto to look into the matter. The most possible cause for this problem is damaged overhead door springs. To offer a DIY inspection, disconnect the door opener and pull the cables attached to the pulley, so that it can be opened manually. Lift the door half way up, and leave it there only. If the springs are working well, the door will remain at the same place where you left it. But, if it comes falling down, get the springs replaced to avoid any major incident.


These were the few things which must be inspected to ensure that a door is working properly. Some of these tasks doesn’t require trained professional, while serious ones such as door springs should be replaced or repaired by an expert door technician. Hall Garage Doors is a reputed company that offers affordable and high quality overhead door repair, replacement and installation services in Toronto.

Top Garage Door Ideas for Sprucing Up a Home

A garage door offers safety and security to a garage and a vehicle. Not only this, it greatly effects a home’s curb appeal, especially when it’s facing towards a street. In Toronto, a beautiful garage door can turn out to be a focal point. To organize home look’s, an overhead door plays a significant role. A little of maintenance can help it become more attractive and impressive.

Tips for sprucing up a door are:

vvcxFake Wood Appearance: Wooden garage doors are quite expensive to install, but offers magnificent looks. A great option for those who want to spruce their home in budget is, choosing a wood appearance over any material. This can be achieved by painting fiberglass on doors, so that they look like wood. This fake timber overhead door can save you with money, along with a status glimpse. Its recommended to use a weatherproof product that can stand through heat, cold and rain.

Remove Window Inserts: Garage door window inserts often crack and fade with time, as plastic tends to become brittle during extreme cold and hot weathers. It is a replaceable component and its good to replace it, whenever you notice any cracks. To avoid any such problem, remove the inserts during bad weather or whenever not needed. Though the windows are attached using simple screws, a new insert may not fit that easily. You may need a wooden block and hammer to get the corners fixed into the window frame.

Add DIY Windows: A traditional overhead door can easily be enhanced by adding attractive windows. It is a do-it-yourself technique that simply needs a black gloss spray paint, carriage door hardware and painter’s tape. To start with, take the top row of the door and surround it’s each square with painters’ tape. Make a cross of tape in the middle of square. Then, paint it using spray and as the paint dries up, remove the tape. The square will now look like a window. For more impressive view, add the carriage door hardware under and side of the row.

Install a New Garage Door: A residential overhead door is considered a one time investment, as its quite expensive to buy and install. If you don’t have a door for your garage yet, consult Hall Garage Door Toronto, to get a quality one installed. An old security shutter can degrade a home’s appeal. Therefore, it advised to get it replaced with a new automatic door for more safety and additional features. In case, it just looks old but operates well, then getting it painted can help a lot.

These were the few tips that can help in sprucing up a garage as well as home appeal. Hall Garage Doors is a garage door repair company that offers a wide range of installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial overhead doors in Toronto.

Top Reasons Why the Garage Door Installation is Not a Good Idea

bvbnjWhen it comes to replacing or repair an old garage door, most of the people thinking about to replace it on their own. By doing replacement at their own, they give an invitation to various problems and sometimes these problems lead to major incidents, even death. To save a few bucks, many homeowners denied to hire a professional for this job.

If you hire a trained and licensed professional for new garage door installation, you will be ensured that your property is in safe hands and you don’t need to think about the security and safety of your new door. Apart from installation service, for overhead door repair, torsion spring repair, broken cable repair and maintenance, Toronto professional service is advisable.

1. It is not an easy task: A garage door is the largest moving part of your property. There are dozens of parts along with a single door. All the parts have to be properly installed. Due to its heavy weight, it is not easy to carry it on your own. Most of the homeowners don’t have the expertise to get everything at the right time.

2. It can compromise with the safety of property: Unfortunately, an overhead door that is not properly installed, is a risky and dangerous for you and your family. There are various doors that are enough to dent. By mistake, if you buy a door that is not dented proof or have a cheap quality service, you may compromise with your property and waste your money.

3. Turn into tragedy: As it mentioned above, the overhead doors are heavier. Only few selected doors are lighter in weight such as aluminum door. But these doors are easy to dent. The door has springs and cables that can be very dangerous to handle for unexperienced person. A homeowner who doesn’t know how to install different parts or components risk insuring themselves.

4. It is not a one person job: Installing a heavy door in your garage is a very daunting task and it requires at least two or three persons. It takes up to three to four hours for proper installation.

5. Poor overhead door function: Installing a door on your own can be a temporary and the door may not be operated in the right way. After installing the door, you operate it, but it fails to open and your vehicle trapped inside. It will make you upset. It is better to call a garage door installation professional to ensure your overhead door is working properly.

There is nothing impossible. If you want, you can achieve anything with the right information. If you have enough knowledge regarding overhead door installation, you can save you money and time. But a less information can ruin your whole project. If you want to install a new door, get in touch with Hall Garage Doors in Toronto.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Garage doors with different varieties have come up to explore the Canadian market. An ordinary person finds it quite confusing to select which garage door will work better for his need. The size of doors are on a rapid increase from recent times. As the size of four wheelers and cars is expanding, so is the size of garage door.

Garage doors comes in variety of shapes, designs, sizes and materials. Insulated garages are serving many purposes along with car parking such as gym, playroom, workshop or a store room.

Therefore, before buying a new garage door we need to consider things listed below:

1. Price – The most significant aspect before buying a garage door is considering its price. It varies depending on the material and size. Timber doors are costly than steel or aluminium doors.

Don’t opt for cheap garage doors as they are made of cheap items and may not be safe or will ask for constant repairs. The qualities that hike the price of door are insulation, finishing, sizes. If you can’t buy a high price quality door then, go with an affordable one.

2. Material – Materials used in garage doors are steel, timber, aluminium and GRP. Timber doors are highly varied because of timber species and degree of finishing. Steel garage doors are the strongest doors and can be supplied with double skins with strength and insulation properties.

Aluminium is used for insulated double skin roller and for specialized sectional doors. GRP is costly material for door mechanism used extensively due to great strength it possess. Timber garage doors need constant maintenance to rectify its beauty. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have any desire to maintain timber doors, then you should opt for steel or aluminium doors.

3. Operating Mechanism – Many people select a garage door based on design and size and forget to consider its operating mechanisms. Operating mechanism depends on space inside and outside of your garage. Buy a roller door if you have less space near to entrance area of your garage. If your garage has low ceiling, side-hinged doors will be the best option for you. If you want an electric door opener, then go for a branded and good quality opener and hire a specialist company for an electric opener installation.

4. Maintenance – Most of the modern garage doors don’t require huge maintenance. Timber doors if treated properly before installation provides you with protection that requires only cleaning and dusting. GRP garage doors are maintenance free and just needs regular cleaning. High quality steel garage doors if painted and galvanized survive longer. Regular oiling and cleaning can help in easy moving of door parts causing less friction and corrosion.


Garage door comes in various sizes and it is complex to decide which one to buy. These were few things which help you in selecting the best garage door. Hall Garage Door is a garage door repair and installation provider in Toronto. If you are looking to install a door, our team can help you in providing the best solutions.

Things to Check When Selecting a Qualified Garage Door Installer

gnThe garage door is an essential aspect of your house, that’s why it is an ideal to maintain it in a good working condition. Whether you want to install a new overhead door or just want to repair your old door, you need a professional who familiar with the garage door installation service.

Choosing a professional installer is a very daunting task. But it is important that you hire a qualified and trained door installer for the security of your family and to ensure that it is properly installed. You need to be extra careful before hiring a professional, because nowadays, some frauds are just there in the market to rob you of your hard earned money. If any company provides you any cheap offer, think twice before buying it.

1. Company’s reputation: Before making your decision, ask around your neighbors, colleagues and friends. Have any one of them done job with the company that you chose? If so, how was the experience? Ask for the reputation of the company. The largest and leading companies have their own websites. You can go online and check the company’s website for further information.

2. Experience and training: Choose an installer who has an extensive experience in this field and also trained and qualified. If an installer is experienced and trained, it means he has depth knowledge regarding all garage door installation services. Having years of experience means he must have served various satisfied customers for a long time.

3. Licensed and insured: Hiring a licensed and insured installer means you chose the right person for your new garage door. Educate yourself and check their credentials to make sure they have the proper license and also insured. Garage doors are heavy that’s why it is crucial to hire the right person who have license and insurance.

4. Ask for warranty: Having a warranty, mean you are able to repair your overhead door free of cost if it creates any problem within a warranty period. A warranty is a small word that provide satisfaction to all the homeowners when they have malfunctioning problem.

5. Ask for the emergency service: Ask to an installer, does his company provide an emergency service. Do they provide any phone number where you can call to share your garage door problem?

6. Equipped: In order to get an excellent garage door installation service, it is crucial to hire a professional who is equipped with the latest tools and techniques. Make sure he is able to deliver state of the art services.

Buying and installing a new garage door is a long term investment. So, don’t feel hesitate to ask any question. Contact a Hall Garage Doors in Toronto, you will get help from our professional technicians. Except Toronto, we serve the rest of GTA region.

Maintaining the Garage Door in the Summer

Summer season means warm weather and long days. During this season, every homeowner like to engage in home improvement. Because you have more time for handiwork in summer days. As spring is the best time for gardening, summer is good to take care of your house and garage door problems. When you make a list of home improvements, give a first priority to your garage door.

Torsion spring, broken cable, damaged panels and misaligned sensor are some common problems of garage door. Maintaining your garage door is a very important task to extend its lifespan and increase reliability. Some do it yourself tasks are easy to handle, but for the major problems you need a certified technician. You can contact a garage door repair contractor in Toronto to inspect the door.

Below are some essential tips. Follow them to keep your garage door functioning properly from this summer season to the next.

Maintaining-the-Garage-Door-150x1501. Visually inspect Hardware: A single garage door contains so many hardware such as hinges, shaft, bearings, steel rollers and others. Look for them very carefully and if found any bent or loose hardware, tighten it with a wrench or proper tool. If you have ten years old garage door, make sure it works properly. Means it has all the hardware and all of them are on their position and work properly.

2. Wash the Door: To remove all the dirt and stains of grease, wash the garage door with lukewarm water and mild household detergent. Once you have washed the door, it removes the dust from the track. Don’t forget about windows. These are also part of your door. Wash them also.

3. Clean and lubricate Hardware: Lubricate hardware is one of the easiest tasks to operate the door smoothly. Take a clean rag and remove grease and debris from the track. After cleaning, lubricate all the moving parts including track, hinges, bearings and rollers. If you have plastic idler bearings and nylon rollers, don’t lubricate them.

4. Remove Rust from the Door: If you have a steel garage door, look for the sign of rust. Use sand to remove rust from the door. After removing it, you can paint your door and give a new look to it. Never use poor quality paint, for the steel garage door, always use exterior latex paint.

5. Testing Your Garage Door: Testing your garage door is one of the simplest tasks that you can do any time over the year. Open and close the door at least two or three times to ensure that it is in proper working condition. If you hear any strange noise while you open and close it, call a professional to inspect the problem.

Here you have some simple ways to tune up your garage door in summer season. If you adopt these tips, you can provide a new look to your door. If you need a garage door repair service in Toronto and surrounding areas, we, Hall Garage Doors, are ready to respond you.